martes, 14 de agosto de 2012

First Day Of Class - Evans Adult School

Today is Monday, August 14th,2012 my first day of class. I have to adjust my time now because I have a new schedule, my first class begins at 8 and my second one at 10:15. There is no afternoon classes. I woke up at 5:00 am because I was so excited that I couldn't sleep very well all the night. I just had a glass of milk in the morning as breackfast and then went to the bathroom at 6:00 am. I was taking the bus at about 6:45 and then got off at wilshire and western to take the purple line as usual. Everything was the same with the exception that was earlier than before.

I was so happy to see Civic Center again, even though it has been in construction. I arrived at Evans at about 7:30 am, I know I know it is so early but I didn't want to spend my time at home anymore. When I was outside I met my friends Edgar and Alex (it is not me is another friend)

                                                                     (Alex, Edgar and I)
                                            (Gilberto, me and Arlin)
More friends were coming after that. Arlin and Gilberto while I was wainting to enter to my class
                                                                         (Gil and I)
                                             (I and Arlin)

I entered to my class a little bit late, my new teacher seems to be funny and terrific, his name is Kirk and he was born in Los Angeles. I know the teacher is going to do a very good job.

When my first class was finished, I was going to Mynka's room when I ran up Daniel, he was walking down the stairs. I talked to him for a little bit, then I ran up Gina, Gilberto and Rolessi and talked for a little bit before we entered to our second class.

                (Daniel, me and Gina)

When my second class finished I found Mauro and talked about our summer. I also ran up Paola, she was with me in EIP 4. She was looking forward to register because she couldn't go last week. She was registerd in a wait list :(

                                                                          (Mauro and I)

I went to Mynka's room again to talk for a little while, she was so tired trying to adjust her new schedule, she was given level one, the hardest level because they don't even know the numbers jajajajaja. This trimester seems that is going to be full of surprises and laughs.

                     (Paola and I)

Here's a picture of Mynka ¬ u ¬ .
I hope everything is going to be ok not just for Mynka but for all my friends and I.

lunes, 13 de agosto de 2012

Estilos Semejantes

* Sin duda este sera uno de mis blogs mas cortos, pero sin duda uno de los mas interesantes. Como siempre hablare de mi grupo favorito de musica no solo electronica sino que con cambios de generos, pasando por el techno, house, rock, pop, electrogotico entre otros.

+ Este blog lleva por titulo "Estilos Semejantes". Se preguntaran porque estilos semejantes. Pues aunque Fangoria a veces no sean tan originales, sin duda han hecho ciertas cosas antes que grandes artistas lo hicieran, a como dice una de sus canciones "... no me importa lo que tu te inventes, yo ya lo hice mejor.." y eso grandes artistas pasan desde Beyonce hasta Lady GaGa.

Mi Primer ejemplo a mostrar es el gran suceso que acaba de ocurrir, me refiero a las Olimpiadas En Londres, donde nuestra querida amiga Jessie J. utilizo un modelito muy parecido al que Alaska utilizo en el 2010 para su video de Ni Tú Ni Nadie perteneciente a su album " El Paso Trascendental Del Vodevil A La Astracanada, Antologia De Canciones De Ayer Y De Hoy" donde celebran sus 20 años de carrera regrabando exitos de sus grupos anteriores como A Quien Le Importa y Ni Tú Ni Nadie. Alaska utiliza este traje haciendo memoria a los espectaculos de revista española, las vedettes, las escaleras etc. Uds mismos juzgen la foto.

Mi Otra invitada es la cantante Newyorkina Lady GaGa quien poso para una revista muy al estilo de Alaska en su tiempo del disco Deseo Carnal de Alaska y Dinarama en el año 1985, mientras que GaGa lo hizo en el 2010. Que creen uds? GaGa se inspiro en Alaska? o fue el fotografo quien se inspiro en Alaska? de cualquier manera una artista o modelo hace las fotos que le gustan y publica las que le gustan. Aqui les dejo la muestra para que sean uds los que juzgen.

Aunque yo se que Alaska tambien se inspiro en otra foto de revista sin duda hay que ver tambien las fechas de publicación. Otra foto mas donde Lady Gaga posa al igual que Alaska.

+ Para terminar, otra de mis artistas invitadas a este blog Beyoncé con su videoclip Single Ladies. Al momento que se compara con el video de Fangoria Más Es Más perteneciente a su album absolutamente lansado en el año 2009, vemos que el video tiene varias diferencias sin duda no dejan de ser el mismo escenario con los mismos efectos de luces, (y vamos hay que ver tambien que por el lado de Beyoncé son dos bailarinas y por el lado de Fangoria son dos bailarines). Tambien decidi indagar un poco en las fechas de lanzamiento y espero no equivocarme.( si me equivoco corriganme por favor). En el canal oficial de Warner Music Spain en Youtube sale que el video fue subido el 19/01/2009 y en el Canal de Beyoncevevo lo subieron el 02/10/2009. Aquí les dejo unas imagenes comparando los dos videos con sus respectivas fechas.

*Espero les haya gustado este blog, es uno de mis primeros blogs :)

jueves, 9 de agosto de 2012

Registration Day at Evans Adult School

On Monday, August 6,2012 I went to Evans to enroll classes again for fall. I got there as usual: I took the bus and then the purple line however it surprised me a lot when I got off on Civic Center and saw that it has been in construction . I took a picture so you can see it.

As I was getting to Evans at about 9:30 a.m I realized that there was a big line. I heard that so many people was making line so early in the morning to get registrations. Before I went to the last person in line, I saw the counselor so I got closer and asked him what has happened to my EIP classes. unfortunately, there was no fund to keep IEP so they closed my classes, and there's no afternoon and Saturday classes also.However, I had to stay there to get at least a regular class, you know "Nothing is worse".

Once I was partly inside, there were so many people that was almost impossible to breath  lol. I met wonderful new people there that have the same thoughts that I have with relation to what was happening to Evans School.

Once I got inside at the cafeteria where they were registering students, I was so lucky that I ran into Gilberto. Because he told me to come where he was and gave me a place to enter faster to register. We had such a good time together. We laughed a lot. Finally we got to the registration room. It was so confusing. First, we had to show the pre-registration paper to them and then they gave some kind of record. After that, we went to another line. then they gave us our registration to fill it out. when we filled them out, we had to returne the registration and keep a copy. After that we went to another line to pay for the classes. The last day of class all the teachers told us that we must pay a fee of 30$ per class. However, the day of registration the counselor said that we had to pay per turn not per class. for example, there are two clases in the morning, so you had to pay 30$ for those two classes not for just one. that was a relief, because the economy in california is just getting worse.

 Unfortunately for me. I heard that my favorite teacher got retired. I can't still believe it. She is such a good person and a very good teacher, so professional, so kind. I learned a lot when I was with her in her class. I can't find words to thank her for everything she taught me. It made me sad but I'm looking forward to see her again. to finish this first blog of mine I leave a picture of Mynka my favorite teacher and my second mother, I mean my american mother. I will miss you so much :(