martes, 14 de agosto de 2012

First Day Of Class - Evans Adult School

Today is Monday, August 14th,2012 my first day of class. I have to adjust my time now because I have a new schedule, my first class begins at 8 and my second one at 10:15. There is no afternoon classes. I woke up at 5:00 am because I was so excited that I couldn't sleep very well all the night. I just had a glass of milk in the morning as breackfast and then went to the bathroom at 6:00 am. I was taking the bus at about 6:45 and then got off at wilshire and western to take the purple line as usual. Everything was the same with the exception that was earlier than before.

I was so happy to see Civic Center again, even though it has been in construction. I arrived at Evans at about 7:30 am, I know I know it is so early but I didn't want to spend my time at home anymore. When I was outside I met my friends Edgar and Alex (it is not me is another friend)

                                                                     (Alex, Edgar and I)
                                            (Gilberto, me and Arlin)
More friends were coming after that. Arlin and Gilberto while I was wainting to enter to my class
                                                                         (Gil and I)
                                             (I and Arlin)

I entered to my class a little bit late, my new teacher seems to be funny and terrific, his name is Kirk and he was born in Los Angeles. I know the teacher is going to do a very good job.

When my first class was finished, I was going to Mynka's room when I ran up Daniel, he was walking down the stairs. I talked to him for a little bit, then I ran up Gina, Gilberto and Rolessi and talked for a little bit before we entered to our second class.

                (Daniel, me and Gina)

When my second class finished I found Mauro and talked about our summer. I also ran up Paola, she was with me in EIP 4. She was looking forward to register because she couldn't go last week. She was registerd in a wait list :(

                                                                          (Mauro and I)

I went to Mynka's room again to talk for a little while, she was so tired trying to adjust her new schedule, she was given level one, the hardest level because they don't even know the numbers jajajajaja. This trimester seems that is going to be full of surprises and laughs.

                     (Paola and I)

Here's a picture of Mynka ¬ u ¬ .
I hope everything is going to be ok not just for Mynka but for all my friends and I.

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